EASC Photos 2016 USBEASC Photos 2016 USB

Images from the season available as a fundraiser for East Arnhem Soccer Club. Pre-orders only.

Instructions to pre-order:

1. Please click here.

2. Click on the image in the gallery and select "Buy" in the right top corner.

3.  You'll be asked to drag the photo across on to the 'placeholder' (do not worry if you only see one image, there are 175 images on the USB you will receive)

4. Click add to cart in the bottom right corner

5. Click on view cart and follow the prompts to complete your payment details.


Pre-orders are available until the 21st September and USBs will be available for collection at training approximately 2 weeks later. We will of course post this information on our Facebook page which we encourage you to like. Thanks in advance for your support!