Intensely stillIntensely stillEveryone knows I love a good tree and there were so many of these trees in the Lake that it was hard to know where to look! I'd spotted them last week when I was on top of the hill. A scale down the side of the gully and escarpment this morning in the dark was a little hairy but yielded some terrific gains for me and my fellow photographer, Peter Devenish, with the early light colours and magic stillness in the Lake. Customised Australian landscape artwork

Beautiful Australian landscape photos and images as quality artwork  for your home, office or interior design project. My images are completed as fine artworks by a specialist Australian family business who use the highest quality papers and inks. In consideration of our climatic conditions, framing of each image is undertaken with considerable care for indelible preservation. Let's chat about the images, printing and framing options that work for you. 

Commissioned fine art landscape photography

As in the case of one of my clients, Seraphine Bray, you may like my work but have a location that is special to you and want to commission an image. I love to work with people on capturing that special location as a piece of artwork for your home. Contact me to discuss your requirements further.